Would you prefer to be fitted with collar and chain, tied naked to a tree in the evening… and when guys pass by to beg them to fill your asshole with sperm OR be tied under the table at a dinner party and be the party’s masturbator during dinner?

Since I got your accompanying email that claims you’re a devoted follower of my blog, I think you must have me confused with another blogger. There is absolutely nothing in my blog that even hints that this is my style or even close to my MO.

This may be YOUR fantasy, but I think any smart reader of mine should realize that this is not even close to a fantasy of mine.

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Do you always demand proof of a clean slate of STD results? Or do you sometimes just go with your gut and will sleep with a guy who swears he has always used condoms?

It depends how I met them, how well I know them. I don’t have a straight answer for this, because there are a lot of factors that play into my decision how to proceed.

One rule I have is that I never go without proof from someone that states without question from the get-go that he’s clean. As in. “Oh, you wanna fuck! Awesome, I’m clean!” Really? I didn’t ask yet, so let’s see proof if you’re so eager.

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